I recently made cupcakes for an Under the Sea themed birthday party.  The cake I had made to go with these cupcakes had some main sea creatures on them, so I wanted to cupcakes to match the cake.  I needed to simplify the cupcakes, so that they would work on a smaller scale and be able to make multiples of them.  The 3 creatures I chose were the orange fish, crab, and turtle.

Although they may look difficult, they are quite easy to make.  I used my marshmallow fondant recipe, that I have posted the “How-To” on in a past post.  All you need is the coloring gels, in your desired color for each creature.  Don’t be afraid to have fun and get creative.  If you make a mistake, it’s only marshmallows.  Ball it up and try again.

Have Fun!!

2 comments on “How to make Under the Sea cupcake toppers.”

  1. Love the video! I’ve been looking for videos on cake decor. You make it look so easy! I want to make a PJ masks themed cake for my sons bday. Any suggestions for me?

    • If you just want to have a simple topper. I found a this cutter http://amzn.to/2tT7FYb It would be a good size for a cupcake, and you could just change the color to the 3 different ones, maybe add some eyes to it http://amzn.to/2tSW4Zl. Then in the same colors cut circle ones with the age in the middle or spell out happy birthday. These cutters would work well for it http://amzn.to/2tj5MTb I use them all the time! Hope this helps

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