Hi!  My name is Jennifer.  I am a mother to 5 children.  The oldest is a girl, and then it’s all boys after that.  Needless to say, I have not shopped in the pink section of a store in a very long time.  We live in Southern California, and enjoy spending our time daytripping, going to Crystal Cove during the summer and doing quite a few short vacations.  I have a small cake decorating business, which keeps me and my kitchen quite busy.  I am also a den leader and now a blogger!!  Yes, I am busy, but I really try to simplify my life so it doesn’t get too busy.  There are many habits, choices and tricks to managing a larger family and still having fun.  I am by no means a “Super Mom”, I sure I fail more times than succeed, but here we show grace to each other, and encourage each other to “Do Our Best” and roll with the punches.  So follow me as we experience this crazy life together.  The ups and downs, successes and failures and of course all the fun because afterall Motherhood…It’s a Cake Walk!!