My son was invited this weekend to K1 Speed in Anaheim for a end of year celebration.  We have never been to one before, although we have passed it many times on the 91 fwy, so of course we jumped at the chance.  The closest my son has come to driving anything is Autopia at Disneyland, and well, lets say you can’t go far with those cars, with a track down the middle.  Plus, you can’t go very fast in them either. Needless to say, he was very excited to be going.

To take a line out of a popular movie “He had the need…. the need for speed”.



The pricing for K1 is:

$19.99 for 1 race which is 14 laps around.. I did inquire about a AAA discount, since I saw they offered one online.  It is $2 off one race.

$35 for 2 races                 $48.00 for 3 races

I would look and see if there are any Groupon, or Living Social or other deals before you go.  I have seen them on Groupon a few times. This could cut down the cost of your experience, especially if you have multiple children who want to race.

There is a height requirement.  You must be at least 48″ to drive any of the cars.  They have Junior racers and Adults.  Adults are those races who are 58″ or taller, everyone else is a junior racer.  You also must have closed toed shoes…. no sandals.

The cars are electric.  So there are no nasty fumes in the building.  In fact, the place was spotless.  I was surprised how nice everything was.  There is even a small snack bar and arcade in the corner.



The track was a lot larger than I expected, it twisted and turned into two areas, and I loved how the cars went through two underpasses lit up with colored lights.  There is a seating area with sofas and TV’s upstairs, and the track passes through it.  The kids had fun watching the cars drive under them.


They have 35 locations, in 14 states.  We went to the Anaheim location, located off La Palma Ave. near Kraemer Blvd.  There are also locations in Irvine and Ontario.

After spending 3 hours there, which is WAY longer than we planned, I have some helpful tips for any new visitors.


Oh my gosh… I cannot stress the importance of this tip.  We did not have reservations.  The worker there said “Oh.. if you come at 10am on a Sunday morning, you should have no problem”  2 hours later my son finally got his turn.  It turned out that another group was there for a party.  So, of course they got to go first.  Since there are two categories of racers (Junior and Adult), they alternate.  The cars are electric so they need time to re-charge between races, which is why they alternate. This means your races will not be back to back. You will have a wait time. The the kids with that party group got to have there 2 races, plus the adults with the party had there races, and so on and so on until we were finally called

TIP 2: Check Groupon and Living Social for deals

I though $20 was kinda pricey to ride a glorified go-cart, but I have seen K1 on Groupon quite often, so if you think you will be going in the future, purchase the Groupon when you see it or look for other deals.  The nice thing is, if you think you will go often, you can purchase multiple races and use them on different dates.  So if you purchase the 3 race pack (they do have larger packs as well) and  you only race twice one day, you can come back and use the race you have left at a different time.

TIP 3: Make sure everyone in your party is around the same height

I know this sounds kinda funny, but our boys were 10 years old, and some where the height to ride with the adults and some were Junior riders.  So they did not get to race together, which was kind of a bummer.  They do not allow the Junior and Adult riders to mix. So just be aware, if you are going as a family or in a group, you night not be able to race against each other.  It seemed like the adult cars went faster too, so I can see why they would not want to mix the groups.

TIP 4: Leave yourself time

Even if you have a reservation, it still takes time.  They only allow around 11 cars on the track at a time.  If it is busy, you will be there for a few hours, specially if you want to do multiple races.  They do have plenty of seating available for you to wait, and they call the names of the next racers over the loud speakers.

TIP 5: Bring your camera

There are a lot of great photo opportunities here.  You receive a head sock to wear under your helmet and a picture of your child in that alone is worth it.  There are also race cars and podiums for the kids to stand on or near, for some great pictures.

so, here is my review….

Did my son have fun??      You bet.

Would it be a great place for a party??  Absolutely

Will we go back??  Probably.  I have 4 sons, so I will be keeping my eye out for a good Groupon.  If I can find one, we will definitely go again.  I don’t know if I would pay full price.

Overall experience:  Good.. except for the wait, which is our own fault for not having reservations, so I cannot fault them for it.  My son loved it!!  I’m glad he got the experience of go-karting.

If you want more information… just check out their site here.