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How to make Oreo Cookie Pops

I am so excited to launch my very first Tutorial Tuesday video!!  It was a little trial and error with the set up and editing, but I know each one will get better.

In this post, I will go over how to make some really cute candy coated Oreo Cookie Pops.  They are quite easy to make, and can be used for any occasion.  You can cover them with a colored or flavored candy melt.  You can also use a dipping chocolate.  Once covered you can decorate them with sprinkles, nuts, mini choc. chips, fondant, sanding sugar.. the possibilities are endless.

Below you will find the video tutorial, but I will also share the step by step process as well.

Here are the items you will need:

bog of double stuffed Oreo cookies

candy melts

pop sticks (available at craft stores)


small amount of shortening

wax or parchment paper

floral foam

plastic pop covers



First pop your candy melts into the microwave at 20 sec intervals.  I like to use small canning jars to melt my candy in.  It makes for very easy clean up, since I just have to screw the top back on and I can save all the unused melts for a future project.  Stir between 20 secs sessions.  The melts are done when they slide smoothly off the spoon.



Line a cookie sheet with wax or parchment paper.  Then open the Oreo cookies up and place them on the paper with the cream side facing up. Put the cookie wafer top, off to the side.






Place a small amount of shortening into the melted candy and stir.  This will improve the viscosity of the candy.




Then place the tip of the pop stick into the melted candy.  You only want to cover about 1/2″-1″.







Then press the stick into the cream of the Oreo. You want to make sure you press all the way through the cream, but do not press so hard, that you break the wafer part of the cookie.  You also what to set the stick towards the top of the cookie, so that you have a lot of surface area that will cover the stick.  Then place the wafer part of the cookie back on top of the cream.


Place in fridge for 3-5 minutes.

Have a little bowl nearby and the sprinkles or what ever you are going to cover the cookies in close too.




Take pops out of fridge and dip into melted candy.  The candy should still be good to dip the cookies in, but if you feel it needs to be a little warmer, pop it back into the microwave and stir.  When you dip the cookies in, it is a quick in and out, make sure the candy fully covers the cookie.



Hang the cookie over the jar, to let the excess candy to drip off.





I sometimes tap the stick on the edge of the jar, just to make sure all excess candy will drip off.  The is done quickly, since we don’t want the candy to harden.  If that happens the sprinkles will not stick well.




As soon as the excess candy is off, hang the cookie over the bowl and pour the sprinkles all over the top of the cookie and sides.  If you want both sides done, turn cookie over and pour over back side.






If you only have sprinkles on one side, place cookie back on baking sheet. If you have covered both sides of the pop, you will need to place the pop into the floral foam to harden.




Place back into fridge for 3-5 min.


Once the candy has hardened you can place the pops into the clear covers and tie with ribbon.

You are all done!!  Enjoy

Depending on the sprinkles you choose you can make the pops perfect for any occasion.



How to make a candy lei

2 Hawaiian candy Leis


Every year on the last day of school, it has become a tradition that each child receives a candy lei at school as soon as they get out of class.  It is just a cute way for us to celebrate all their hard work and say.. “Yea!! Summer is here. Let the good times commence!”

For my now 10 years old son’s 1st birthday I ordered poly tubing from a site called East Coast tropics, made especially for candy leis.  I have been using them every year, until last year, when tragedy struck and I ran out of leftovers.  To my dismay, I went online to find that they are so longer in business…..insert sad emojii here.  I went on Amazon to find other options.  They do offer candy lei kits you can purchase or rolls of poly tubing in which to make them.  I thought the kits were kind of pricey and I really did not want a design on them.  I though it would cover the candy too much.  The rolls of poly tubing were even more!!  Although I do want to add that the rolls would be great if you wanted to make them for a party with a lot of children, or other function.  They do make the process a little easier.

There had to be a less expensive way to make these.

So here it is!  Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple too.

2 Hawaiian candy leis ready and waiting

Here is what you need.  I bought everything except for the scissors at the Dollar Tree, so it is very easy and one trip is all you need. Just make sure you purchase enough candy for all the leis you need.

Here is everything you will need to make the lei
  • 1 roll of cellophane
  • 1 bag of curling ribbon
  • tape (make sure it is clear)
  • scissors
  • don’t forget a selection of assorted candy your children enjoy. Remember, you can fill the lei with whatever you would like, so if you would like little bags of healthy snacks, or other items you can do that as well.

First you want to roll out the cellophane on a large flat surface. Dining table or kitchen island work great.  I rolled out my piece to about 48″ but you can make them longer if you would like. Then lay out the candy you want to have in the lei, in the order you want them to be in the lei.

candy layout

Then, you need to cut the roll of cellophane so that there is enough to encase the candy in a tri-fold fashion. In my case, it was about 7″-8″ wide. (so the total dimension on my piece of cellophone is 8″x 48″). 

Fold the front section of the cellophane over the candy and tape down in sections.

8″ x 48″ strip of cellophane

Then fold the remaining piece of cellophane over the first and tape.  It doesn’t have to be perfect or pretty, because we are going to cinch it with ribbon.  Now, the candy is wrapped as snug as a bug inside all the cellophane.

Candy is now wrapped twice and taped.


We now want to cut our curling ribbons into pieces long enough to curl once they are tied. Mine are probably about 8″-10″ long.  It’s not an exact science.  You want to tie the ends of the lei first to make sure all the candy stays inside.

Ends Tied

Now, we are going to just continue to tie the lei between each section of candy.  Make sure that you tie then tightly and double not.  We are almost done!!

candy tied individually

Proceed to curl each ribbon end with the flat side of your scissor.  You can always add extra pieces of ribbon if you want a really festive look.

Curled Ribbon

Now, depending how long you made your lei you can either just tie the two ends together, or like mine, I cut a long piece and used that to connect the two ends.  I like my leis this way, so it is not as bulky around the neck and does not get caught in my childrens hair.  Plus, that hot and sweaty little neck can melt the chocolate!!!!

Ends tied

See… it wasn’t so bad, you might even say It’s A Cake Walk.  Now get creative, go crazy and make your kids some Happy Campers on the last day of school.  Well, they are going to be happy campers anyways, because afterall….it is the last day of school!!

2 Hawaiian candy Leis


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